The new Add-On System

The new Add-On System

We introduce ous new Add-On System for our strap winders, which enables adaption for multiple types of straps, bandages and even cables. 

Our strap winders in the fastwinder- and Dynello Lite series share the same interface so add-ons can be used across models. It only require standard tools to change the add-ons, such as a 10mm wrench. 

The Add-On System contains currently solutions for several types of lashing straps and bandages, but new add-ons will over time be introduced to expand the utility of our winders even more. 

One tool, several options

Our most functional strap winder series, fastwinder™, have the interchangeable interface at the shaft and steer. This enables many posibilities to adapt for thickness and width of the coiled object such as;

  • straps 0-100mm width,
  • bandages 0-100mm width.
  • cables.
  • yarn,
  • Cable/yarn drum attachments etc.

Only imagination is the limit to what fastwinder™ can be adapted to. We are continuously testing new ideas and add-ons.

Should you have any need for a custom solution feel free to reach out to us.

Manual strap winder

fastwinder™ is made to fit a cordless drill, but can also be used a simple manual strap winder. The add-on Hand Crank is a simple tool that fits fastwinder™, which can be used as a driver to roll-up straps, bandages and cables.

The Hand Crank is standard equipment with fastwinder™ Bandage Roller.

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